The Emergence of Online Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry in the U.S. is one of the sectors that have been very conservative for many decades as far as marketing is concerned. Different stakeholders have been using traditional marketing strategies and platforms to reach potential customers. Some of the traditional marketing platforms used in real estate marketing include TVs, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, posters and billboards among others. The emergence of the internet changed marketing in other sectors in the country, but stakeholders in the real estate market were not quick to embrace online marketing.

The emergence of digital marketing in the real estate industry did not lower the popularity of traditional marketing methods. For small and upcoming companies, real estate digital marketing services were very expensive. However, the situation took a different direction after the 2008 real estate crisis that faced the country. Real estate firms realized the need to embrace online marketing because over 70 percent of the American population was using the internet. As competition in the industry went up, real estate digital marketing services gained popularity and traditional marketing methods became less popular. Currently, most of the real estate marketing activities are done via the internet and some of the traditional methods used to market real estate have faded away.

Homebuyers and renters are now searching for properties online 

Realtors and property management firms that have not embraced digital/online marketing are likely to be pushed out of the market very soon. This is because the majority of the homebuyers and renters in the country are now searching online for listed properties. According to the research conducted by the National Association of Realtors, over 74 percent of the real estate consumers are using online platforms to search for properties to buy or rent. However, this should not be mistaken to mean that traditional real estate marketing methods are no longer used. The point is that digital marketing is gradually taking over and modern real estate companies should have effective strategies on how to use online marketing to reach more clients.

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The reaction of Realtors and property managers

Generally, realtors and property managers in all parts of the country have responded positively to the increasing demand for online marketing. The majority of property management companies and realtors in the country have websites and blogs where they market real estate products to potential customers. There is a wave by real estate stakeholders to embrace the internet technology when marketing their products in the country as realtors try to meet changing consumer habits. Those that have not established their own websites are using free listing sites to market their products and the social media marketing plays a very important role in real estate marketing. Realtors and property managers in the country are using different social media platforms to share information about real estate products.

How to be successful in digital marketing 

Although digital marketing has gained popularity in the country’s real estate market, it is evident that not all stakeholders have perfected the art of digital marketing. Some real estate firms are still struggling to maximize their online presence because they do not know the best approach to use. One thing for sure is that planning is very essential if you want to have a successful real estate online marketing campaign. It is essential to make sure your posts are informative and helpful to property buyers and renters. Remember that in online marketing it is not the quantity of posts that matter but the content.

Visibility is very important in digital marketing because possible buyers need to know what they are about to buy. It is therefore important to ensure you have used top quality images for the properties that you want to sell or rent so that you can give your customers a good impression. You need to make sure that potential buyers and renters are attracted to visit the property after seeing images posted online. Make sure your posts and images are up to date and keep on updating your posts if the property stays longer in the market.

The future of digital marketing in the real estate industry 

Digital marketing plays a very important role in not only the current market but also the future of real estate industry in the country. In fact, most of the real estate transactions are now done online and traditional methods are fading away. Traditional marketing will definitely have no space in the future of the real estate market in the country. It is therefore important for real estate companies to invest in digital marketing in order to remain relevant and competitive.